Course structure

The Scaffold State Training Company is a long term course or training scheme for non-professional actors.

It is open to students at any level of experience and aims to bring them together as a company and on into taking part in performances firstly to fellow students, then to family and friends and then on to a paying public audience.

The overall training comprises:

  1. Introductory course: A 30 hr (10 session) course bringing the group together through various skills classes from visiting teachers and a through-line of individual work on contemporary monologues.
  2. Devising process. A 60 hr process bringing the company closer together, facilitated by a director but all the material for the piece is generated by you as a group. This concludes in performances of the piece created.
  3. First Public performance. A 60 hr process where students are cast in a pre-existing piece. They rehearse it over this period and perform it for 3 consecutive evenings. This piece is usually historical or political theatre of some description, where the playing style may be larger than life or expressionistic.
  4. Scene Study course. A 30 hr process where the group looks in great detail at one play, really delving down into character relationships and psychology.
  5. Second public performance. A 60 hr process ending in 3 performances. This piece is always a modern (post 1950) piece of theatre, where human relationships are able to be explored in more depth and naturalism is the playing style.
  6. Classical Theatre Course. A 30hr process, getting to grips with verse drama typified by Shakespeare’s work.
  7. Third Public performance. A 60 hr process ending in 3 performances. This will be a piece of classical verse drama.
  8. Showcase. A 60 hr process that will involve singing and dance as well. Each student will perform a monologue and be part of a scene, as well as having opportunities to sing and dance. This is the final public performance of the process ending in 2 or 3 showings. This stage is open to industry professionals should you wish to invite them.


The idea of this whole structure is that it replicates to some extent a drama school training. As such, for a hobbying actor it is potentially the most immersive course available in London; as someone who wants to perhaps consider taking acting more seriously it is a great way to lay foundations for further professional training or to advance directly into the industry. Many of our current or previous students have taken acting further outside of Scaffold State and we are very proud of this tradition.

You are also able to stop off at any point along this training and rejoin with another group at a later date, so there is no definite obligation to complete the training in one go.

Look out for the training company’s introductory course under our current courses to begin this amazing process with us.