Introduction Course

A fantastic introduction to the world of performing arts!  Gareth is a wonderful teacher – drawing out the artist in each of us.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the course, learning new skills and meeting a fantastic bunch of people.  Can’t wait for the next course!

Nathalie St.Clair – Scaffold State Training Company Member

I did the 10 week course at Scaffold State recently and was struck by how easily and quickly the group bonded, mainly due to the course leader Gareth, who was authoritative, friendly and a lot of fun. Another great aspect was the opportunity to work each week with a different specialist, whether on text, voice, music or movement. All in all an excellently well-rounded course, great fun, challenging yet not intimidating. I highly recommend it!

John Landor – Scaffold State Training Company Member

I couldn’t have dreamt of a better introduction to the world of acting than this 10-week course. It was fun, beautifully paced and inspiring. The format was great but the magic was for me in Gareth’s ability to get us to feel totally comfortable in the group. It really made all the difference when it came to acting.

Clyde Ancarno – Scaffold State Training Company Member

I have enjoyed this course thoroughly. The course structure allows us to benefit from both Gareth’s teaching, which is inspired and supportive for learners of various levels, as well as the diverse group of guest teachers, who bring different styles, approaches and new ideas to the mix. I highly recommend this course (exceptional value for money btw), and know that I have added a wonderful set of new resources as a theatre enthusiast. I am confident that one can apply various skills learned from this course to work and social environments (consciously or subconsciously)!

Sheryl Sze – Scaffold State Amateur Theatre Company Member

‘For me the course with Scaffold State was a wonderful performing arts journey. Every class was unique immersing us into performing techniques and skills in a fun and friendly environment. Having a chance to work with different teachers every week was very inspirational and encouraging. This is particularly true of Gareth whose teaching, support and motivation throughout the course were excellent. I can’t really think of a better way to meet like-minded people, share joy of acting and work towards a common goal. I would truly recommend it to anyone interested in performing arts, but also to anyone who simply wants to build self-confidence and learn more about oneself along the way.’

Tijana Obradovic – Scaffold State Amateur Theatre Company Member

I joined the Scaffold course as a way to expand my understanding of performance and build on previous short courses, as well as meet new people. For me there are 3 main elements which have connected and created a very rewarding process. The variety and planning of the first 10 sessions had the common thread of a final piece to work on and perform for the group as well new areas/skills to challenge you each week. All of this was well planned and communicated. The tutors have all treated the group as if we are in training rather than a short course and  feels more about development. All the tutors bring different expertise but have a way of sharing with the group or individual that make it’s easy to access and understand. Lastly the group itself has simply worked together so well, and as clichéd as it sounds have an energy that works both in and out of class.

Sam Barnes – Scaffold State Amateur Theatre Company Member

With scaffold state, I’ve found a great mix of fun, learning and above all a goal where you work towards something bigger rather than just a ‘drop-in’ acting class that’s often the case. Would highly recommend to anyone, not just for developing your acting, but the atmosphere and classes in general are a great way to just meet open-minded people, have a laugh and develop your confidence.

Sonya Nikolosina – Scaffold State Amateur Theatre Company Member

I had only done a short beginner’s course with Gareth when he told us about setting up the Scaffold State amateur group. I knew immediately it was something I wanted to do and could do, and that keenness and confidence are in large part down to Gareth. He’s brilliant at creating an atmosphere of enthusiasm and encouragement. He does this with such a relaxed manner that you might not initially realise how much good advice and material he’s imparting. His obvious knowledge of his craft and his openness and understanding of other people’s strengths builds your trust. This trust extends to his choice of guest trainers who led sessions during the 10 week course: “If Gareth thinks they’ve got something to teach us, they’re going to be good!” The course gave us a selection of always inspirational classes with diverse topics, techniques and tips and plenty of chances to try stuff out and have fun. I can’t imagine a better way to build an acting arsenal.

Andrew Bowman – Scaffold State Amateur Theatre Company Member


1-1 acting coaching

Gareth is an outstanding professional in his field of work. He is passionate, committed and always works to an exceptionally high standard. I have attended his workshops in London and when I was preparing for an audition, he also worked with me on a 1-2-1 basis (as a result of which the audition was successful). As well as bringing a wealth of expertise to his classes, he engages with his students in a way which is encouraging and empowering, thus bringing out the best in each individual.

Jenny Berman – Acting class and 1-1 acting coaching student

‘I’ve had the pleasure of working with Gareth Kennerley on a classical piece of text.

His process is very practical, precise, insightful and HONEST, which suited me perfectly.’

Remigiusz Rachuba – Actor (1-1 Acting Coaching Student)


‘Gareth was fantastic to work with and get advice from. He brought out the best in me as an actor by making me really think about the texts we were looking at. After a few months’ work focussing on audition monologues, sight-reading and singing, I won places at the Central School of Speech and Drama and LAMDA. I couldn’t have done it without his first-hand knowledge of the industry and how actors are working today; his sense of fun, his openness and his work ethic.’

Samuel Jenkins-Shaw – Actor (1-1 Acting Coaching Student)

Other training

‘With much trepidation I started my beginners acting course in 2014. I was lucky enough to have Gareth Kennerley as my first tutor. His introduction was fun but rigorous. He took the time to learn the potential in each of us and catered the class to maximise our opportunity. I left feeling I’d achieved far more than I thought I could. Gareth inspired several in the class to continue and I look forward to working with him again.’

Donna Pinto – (Acting Class Student)



‘It was great to train with Gareth Kennerley! He is a happy, funny and very patient trainer with such an amazing passion for acting, which thrilled every single one of us! Although we just had a short time with Gareth, we learned a lot! We improved our acting skills, became more confident in our performance and were able to develop our creativity as well as our improvisation skills.’

Kamila Boving (Acting class student)

‘I signed up for a 7-week Beginners Acting class with Gareth. I hadn’t really done any acting since school but had always loved drama and the theatre. I wanted to get involved with an amateur dramatics society so I booked this course to gain a bit of confidence.

The class was a diverse and friendly group of 6.  It can often be a bit daunting to be an environment with new people, especially when you’re not sure what to expect. Gareth immediately put us all at ease. By week 2-3 any inhibitions were pretty much non-existent!

Over the 7 weeks we learnt about how to use your voice and body to create characters. It was very interactive, lots of fun and really interesting. By the end of the course we had all written monologues and performed them as our characters. A week after the course had ended, I went for my first audition for a play with Mayhem Musical Theatre Company and I got a part!

I would warmly recommend Gareth to anyone who wants to get into acting. He’s a great actor and a great teacher.’

Petra Bailey (Acting class student)


‘It’s been a few years since I spent a short week under the tutelage of Gareth Kennerley, but that week remains fresh in the memory, because it was one of the most illuminating experiences of my time in drama.  It has since informed and enriched not only my acting, but my writing too.

For me, Gareth’s most telling insight can be summed up in a five-word statement that should be blindingly obvious but is so easily overlooked: The Character Has No Script.  Starting from this bald assertion, Gareth urged us to undertake an adventure of detailed character exploration, discovering not only what makes the character speak, but also what silences him; what makes him feel joy or pain; what makes him take this action rather than that.

The present day finds me more often creating a script than interpreting it, but I try to remain true to Gareth’s actor’s philosophy.  Rather than telling the audience what I have decided they should hear, I let the character speak in the moment.  And as I strive to create that moment of theatrical truth, I swear I can hear Gareth’s voice imploring me, “Show me where it comes from!”

Yes, Gareth Kennerley is a special talent.  If you ever get the chance to be his student, think seriously about it.’

Ron Meldon – Writer and Actor (Acting Master-class student)​