In 2015, we saw the company’s first professional production. We adapted Sophocles’ Electra into a beautiful hour-long piece of theatre which ambitiously covered themes of genetics and adoption as well as national, familial and sexual identity.

The piece was called Sanguine and played at the Vault Festival in February.  The cast included Beverley Klein, Polly Conway, Natasha Jacobs, Andrei Ionescu, Liviu Romanescu, Kate Kordel, Gareth Kennerley and members of the Scaffold State Training Company as the Chorus.  It followed on from a period of research and development for the piece and a scratch performance of a shorter version for Theatre Delicatessen back in 2014, entitled The Electra Project.

We hope to take some strands of the story of Sanguine to develop into a longer more character-driven piece next year, as well as hopefully undertaking some development work on working titles including ‘Desert Music’, ‘Breathe to Live’ and ‘Under Merthyr Clouds’. Some images from our production of Sanguine are included below, as is a link to a recorded version of the show.

Please be in contact if you are interested in finding out more about our performance endeavours.