About us

Scaffold State is firstly a professional theatre company.

Our aim is to develop and create new work from original ideas or to adapt from existing texts. Our work aims to provide a platform for artists and practitioners at all stages of their careers and from varying disciplines to collaborate and have ownership of the productions we create. Particularly interested in notions of personal identity set against wider societal, national and cultural identities we are seeking to create a unique non-national voice in British Theatre.

Scaffold State is secondly a training company, offering various opportunities and experiences in theatre, performing and creative arts. We offer the opportunity for hobbying actors to develop over a longer-term as a company of performers. This is achieved through skills classes, learning how to make theatre from the bottom up, and putting on public productions.

Scaffold State also offers workshops and individual courses. Our recent comedy improvisation course and our upcoming movement, drama and dance course are examples of this.

We are also able to create bespoke classes and experiences for individuals or groups of people interested in having a one off event or who want to look at a particular area of the performing arts.

2016 has also seen the evolution of our Scaffold State choir which we’re hoping to grow into a really strong presence initially in the London choral scene.

We also offer 1-1 coachingย on technique for drama school auditionees, or as a top up for professional actors.

We are also beginning to offer life coaching and support with confidence issues to private clients – working alongside established practicing psychologists where applicable.

All training is provided by actors, directors, coaches and creative professionals working currently in their fields so that the experience you get is as fresh and contemporary as possible. We pride ourselves on the humanity of our training – forging real connections between tutor and student.