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It’s been a very busy few months and we have lots of exciting things coming up!

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top girls posterTop Girls

When: 23rd and 24th April (3pm and 8pm)

Top Girls is an absolute must see classic of British Theatre. Caryl Churchill at her best with fantastic energetic dialogue and colourful characters all formed into a perfect package exploring success and sacrifice.
Marlene is on the up – promoted over male and female colleagues she strives ahead honouring her ambition and drive – realising her ‘potential’ in Thatcher’s Britain.

But some waters run very deep indeed. Despite celebrations, broken relationships lie at the heart of everything. Could a woman, then, really pursue her dreams? Can she now? Can anyone?

BTC posterBreaking the Code

When: 30th April and 1st May (3pm and 8pm)

Alan Turing was an extraordinary man living an extraordinary life.

His work on breaking the enigma code in the second world war was fundamental to the success of the allies. He was a genius. He was also an eccentric. He was also a man whose personal life challenged the mores of the establishment.

Othellothello postero

When:  7th and 8th of May (3pm and 8pm)

Join us for this timeless meditation on jealousy and revenge. Othello has fought his way against the odds to the top. His actions have spoken louder than the colour of his skin and he has silenced bigoted voices.

Having found true love in the arms of Desdemona, all he must do is continue to prove himself at the forefront of venetian military might and strategy.